April 27th in Roanoke, VA: Register Here
May 9th in Midlothian, VA: Register Here

As budgets for drainage structure replacements are decreased, the importance of proper culvert installation increases. A public agency capable of properly installing culverts and precast box culverts provides a valuable service to the citizens they support.  This workshop empowers a public agency with the ability to install/replace small bridges with their own assets, stretching budgets and increasing project opportunities.

The workshop is designed for personnel involved in culvert installation/replacement/utilization on state and local roads; road/bridge workers, foremen, superintendents, inspectors as well as engineers and technicians seeking training on proper installation practices of culverts, box culverts and their functions as well as design considerations. Experienced personnel needing a refresher on pipe and box culvert installation/utilization will also find this class beneficial.

The morning session focuses on pipe and trench fundamentals as well as increasing knowledge of proper installation practices for the three primary culvert material (concrete pipe, plastic pipe and metal pipe) choices in Virginia, including pipe and joint analysis and interpreting inspections results. This practical information will ensure the maximum life expectancy of the culvert. The afternoon session transitions from round culverts to box culverts focusing on proper installation practices for precast reinforced box culverts.

Instructor Walt Catlett is the Central Atlantic Region Engineer for the American Concrete Pipe Association, promoting best practices in rigid and flexible pipe installations. He serves on the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department’s Transportation Research Advisory Council and promotes the concrete pipe industry to State Departments of Transportation in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and the District of Columbia. His engineering focus remains on educating engineers, contractors/installers and inspectors on proper installation practices for reinforced concrete pipe, precast reinforced box culverts and precast concrete products.

“If you can install a pipe culvert, then you can also install a box culvert which means you’re capable of small bridge replacement at a fraction of the cost of contracting out the work,” Catlett stated. “If I can share good information about installing concrete pipe correctly, then we can help stretch agency budgets and resolve transportation issues at the local level.”

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