Hey everybody!

Sorry I haven’t been out much, but you guys have been keeping me busy busy busy with classes.  Just this month I’ve had full classes in Dinwiddie, Charlottesville, Arlington and Henrico.

I did make it out to the Northern Neck this week and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that Public Works Directors and City Managers are in more meetings than anybody else in government. Here’s my wish list of things to help make these meetings more comfortable for everyone:

1) Sun Lamps– Stuck inside in meeting all day so sunlight, even artificial, will do these guys a lot of good.

2) Lumbar Support Pillows– So much time sitting isn’t good for your back- take it from a guy who spends most of his time in his car.

3) Starbucks Gift Card– If these meetings are like the ones I’m used to then the caffeine will definitely be appreciated.

I did have a good visit with Neiman Young, the County Administrator from King George County.  I tell you what, the secret to a good visit is finding the one guy who knows everything about anything that might be going on in a county or city.  Neiman Young is that guy in King George County.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing from him soon or at least heading up to King George for a class by year’s end.

Do you need any training from TTA?  Have any questions you don’t know where to find the answers?  Are you friend with your area’s Neiman Young and want me to meet with him or her?  Contact me at jwz9m@virginia.edu and we can schedule a visit!

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