Hey fans!  I gotta tell you, I’m super exhausted.  I’ve been all over the state running workshops for all our great transportation employees!

The look that says “I’ve been on the road A LOT lately.”

Since my last update, I’ve been to Charlottesville, Fairfax (twice), Arlington and Thornburg, putting tons of miles on my car, listening to a bunch of podcasts and eating way more bagels than I should.

But it has been worth it seeing class after class of students getting their work zone certification- yes, all of these classes have been for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Work Zone Training.

Just because I’ve been in workshops every week doesn’t mean I don’t want to visit with all our great public works and VDOT employees.  If you want me to come down and talk about TTA and all of our awesome classes, just send me an email- jwz9m@virginia.edu – and we’ll set up a visit.

If you need training and just need to set up a class, contact Robin Carpenter at 434-982-2897 or rbh3c@virginia.edu.

Be safe out there this summer and I’ll see you on the TTA Highway!

Jim Zarling, a member of UVA TTA/VA LTAP, travels the TTA highway visiting various regions throughout the Commonwealth. He’s meeting with transportation colleagues across the state, listening to their issues and helping to identify resources to address their needs.

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