Man, has it been a super busy month for your good buddy, Jim. I’ve been all over the state at classes, conventions and even doing some individual training sessions in Charlottesville and Richmond!

At the end of April, UVA TTA teamed with Kimley-Horn to use their Roadway Departure Crash Countermeasure Tool to help Charlottesville and Richmond planning departments analyze safety solutions for selected traffic corridors. By analyzing collected crash information with the countermeasure tool, localities can implement safety measures to make roads safer for drivers.  We received great feedback about the tool and hope to introduce it to more cities to make more roads safe.

In mid-May, I traveled with Beth O’Donnell, director of  UVA TTA, to the American Public Works Association conference in Fredericksburg. It was great to see some of the products available for road repair as well as new safety devices for our work zones. It was nice to meet some public works directors and talk about all the LTAP classes we have available.  It’s wonderful to meet people face-to-face and I look forward to talking specifically to you about your department’s training needs.

I also spent time as an instructor at UVA TTA’s Transportation Project Management Institute (TPMI) held in May at the University of Virginia. This was my fourth year teaching listening and teamwork skills to the participants. The session is fast paced, fun and educational and students get to play outside for 90 minutes. We learned how to brainstorm and work as a team and I didn’t get sunburned! A victory in every sense of the word!

It’ll be a busy summer at the Transportation Training Academy. I’m heading to Fairfax, Charlottesville and Arlington in the next few weeks and, later this summer, our office will be hosting the Local Technical Assistance Program’s national conference in Portsmouth, Virginia. It doesn’t mean I don’t have time for our local partners. If you have any questions or want me to stop by your office to talk about training, contact me at and we can schedule a visit.

Jim Zarling, a member of UVA TTA/VA LTAP, travels the TTA highway visiting various regions throughout the Commonwealth. He’s meeting with transportation colleagues across the state, listening to their issues and helping to identify resources to address their needs.

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