UVA TTA has launched a new workforce development initiative in response to requests for bilingual workforce programs. The newly-created workshop and pocket guide, Spanish 101 for Traffic Safety Technicians, will assist pedestrian safety and traffic control workers to communicate safety instructions in Spanish. Often assigned to control traffic in temporary work zones, school crossings or at special events, these traffic workers now have a resource to help them communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking pedestrians.

The new pocket guide provides simple phrasing related to directions and safe crossings. It also includes common greetings and vocabulary related to numbers, time, places, events, professions and people as well as specific transportation vocabulary related to infrastructure, signals, hazards, traffic control and vehicles.

UVA TTA partners with DOTs and other transportation professionals to deliver unique and timely training for targeted workforce development. The Spanish Traffic workshop/guidebook is an example of a customized program to meet a specific workforce objective. Please contact Robin Carpenter at rbh3c@virginia.edu with ideas or questions about your own workforce development needs.

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