The Federal Highway Administration’s Safety Circuit Rider (SCR) program is committed to improving roadway safety and reducing vehicle crashes and fatalities. Providing on-site, safety-related technical assistance and training, SCR programs are administered at the regional level ensuring traffic safety issues are addressed locally.

Virginia’s Local Technical Assistance Program (VA LTAP), administered by UVA’s Center for Transportation Studies, has been selected to host Virginia’s SCR program through support from the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Working in partnership with VDOT Traffic Engineering and Safety professionals, the program will perform targeted road safety assessments, deliver safety training throughout Virginia and promote safety awareness through a targeted marketing campaign.

In addition to programmatic content, a professional engineer will be hired to provide technical expertise on safety concerns raised by local transportation departments. Jim Zarling, VA LTAP’s community outreach coordinator, has strong connections with local transportation groups and will serve as the SCR program liaison. The initiative is expected to launch by November.

For more information about VA LTAP’s SCR program, contact Beth O’Donnell, VA LTAP’s SCR Program Director, at or 434-924-6362 or Jim Zarling, VA LTAP’s SCR Agency Outreach Coordinator at or 434-982-2897.

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