The Road to Zero Coalition’s 2018 Safe System Innovation Grants cycle is now open until the end of January. Grants will be awarded in the spring. We are eager to advance the deployment of our Proven Safety Countermeasures, targeting local and rural roads through this grant program. State DOTs, local and municipal transportation agencies and others are eligible to apply.

We need your help in getting the word out about the grants. These grants provide an excellent opportunity for locals to implement the activities and treatments listed in our suite of Proven Safety Countermeasures. Below is information that can be used promote the RTZ Grants.

Click here 2018 grants applications

The Road to Zero Grant Program:

The focus of the Road to Zero Grant Program is to support the implementation of innovative evidence-based highway safety countermeasures.

  • Proposals shall cite the evidence of effectiveness of the selected countermeasure and describe the innovative implementation approach.
  • Proposed projects that link behavioral, roadway and/or vehicle elements will be given special consideration (e.g., incorporating roadway or vehicle strategies to change safety behaviors).
  • Proposed projects shall have measurable objectives and generalizable results. Projects shall demonstrate innovative approaches that could be replicated in other locations.
  • There is no limit on the number of grant proposals an organization can submit.
  • Proposals from past awarded Road to Zero grants are eligible acceptable but they must include new elements to be considered. For example, an additional innovation to the project is eligible but a continuation of the past project is not eligible to be considered for funding.
  •  Eligibility
      • Applicants must be a Road to Zero Coalition Member.( There is no charge for membership.)
      • Applicant must be a non-profit organization such as a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) or 501(c)(6).
      • State, local and municipal Governments Governors’ safety offices, state and local departments of transportation, universities, law enforcement, public health, etc. are eligible to apply.
      • Proposed programs must operate within the United States.

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