New UVA-TTA Classes Address Congestion and Improve Traffic Efficiency

Parking is a critical and often over-looked aspect of our transportation systems, consuming vast quantities of land and representing an enormous cost. Poor parking options also lead to frustration and congestion. Similarly, many arterials and interchanges are terribly congested with conventional measures offering little prospect for relief.

Join Instructor Joseph E. Hummer, PhD, PE, to learn more about how well planned parking and unconventional intersection designs can improve safety and relieve congestion. Hummer is a staff engineer in the Mobility and Safety Division of NCDOT and previously served on the faculty at North Carolina State University and Wayne State University. He is a foremost authority on unconventional intersection and interchange designs, and the primary author of the FHWA guidebook on superstreets.

Parking Studies
February 13 | Charlottesville

This one-day course will provide transportation planners and engineers with the tools to conduct a parking study, including collecting data, determining demand, establishing prices, and designing the space. The course will also present new concepts and technologies—in zoning regulations, tax policy, intelligent transportation systems, meters, and others—that will change the way parking is managed in the future.  The course will cover diverse parking applications, from central business districts to residences, with an emphasis on smaller cities and new developments.

Unconventional Interchange and Intersection Design
February 14 | Charlottesville

Unconventional intersection designs offer alternative improvements to congested arterials and interchanges.  These designs, such as median u-turns and diverging diamond interchanges, can deliver safety, efficiency, and environmental and cost benefits to motorists and transportation agencies.

During this day-long class, Hummer will lead discussions on the history, planning, design, and operation of the major designs.  By the end of the workshop, students will understand which design has a realistic chance to help in a particular spot. No prior knowledge of intersection or interchange design or operations is needed. Only basic math skills are needed to follow the examples used in the workshop.


Parking Studies | February 13 | Charlottesville
Unconventional Interchange and Intersection Design | February 14 | Charlottesville

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