New Deadline for 2019 Submissions

Friday, June 28

Have you got a great idea for making your transportation workplace safer or more efficient? Have you developed a new gadget or a way to do your job better? Submit your idea now to compete in VA LTAP’s Build a Better Mousetrap Competition.

We are looking for projects that you, your employees, or crew designed and built or modified. It can be anything from the development of tools, equipment modifications, and/or processes that increase safety, reduce cost, improve efficiency, and/or improve the quality of transportation.

Check out VA LTAP’s own Jim Zarling and his Build a Better Mousetrap video. Jim will inspire you to submit your own creative ideas and solutions!

Competition details:

  • Submit your entry(s) by Monday, July 2, 2018
  • Entries will be judged by the VA LTAP Advisory Board Members
  • Judging criteria:
    • cost savings
    • benefits to the community and/or agency
    • ingenuity
    • transferability to others
    • effectiveness
  • Four categories:
    • Inspection and Data Collection (automated/remote means, testing, time
    • Asset Management Techniques (GIS, mapping, decision support systems)
    • Maintenance Tools and Methods (lifters, reachers, modifications, assembly)
    • Facilities Improvements (storage, access, operations, services)
  • Submit a photo (3 megapixels or more) or, better yet, a spotlight video to demonstrate your entry’s problem, development, and working solution. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes.
  • The VA LTAP winner will be recognized in an upcoming newsletter and receive a prize.
  • The winning VA LTAP entry will be submitted into the regional mousetrap competition to compete with winning entries from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
  • The winning regional submission will go on to compete at the national mousetrap competition for national recognition and, of course, bragging rights! The national winner will be announced at the NLTAPA conference being held in New Orleans on July 23-26.

Click here for the VA LTAP entry form.

Find more tips here.

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