Since debuting in 2008 with nine proven safety countermeasures, the FHWA has promoted innovative strategies and implementation tools to improve roadway safety. Based on the analysis of quality safety data and evidence-based decision-making, the initiative added five new countermeasures in 2012.

As of September 2017, the initiative has now introduced an additional six countermeasures:

  1. Systemic Application of Multiple Low-Cost Countermeasures at Stop-Controlled Intersections
  2. Reduced Left-Turn Conflict Intersections
  3. Roadside Design Improvements at Curves
  4. Leading Pedestrian Intervals
  5. Local Road Safety Plans

Visit for a complete list of PSCi proven safety countermeasures.

A recording of the webinar on PSCi updates can be found at

Download the presentation at PSCi Rollout Webinar – NLTAPA – June 6, 2018 (pdf)

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