Put away your beach towels and pull out your snow maps. It’s time for winter weather training!

Last year, the Virginia LTAP worked with nationally recognized instructor, Tony DeCresie, to completely overhaul our winter maintenance training. Offered in seven districts across Virginia, the newly updated class attracted over 200 attendees including road supervisors, public works and maintenance personnel, equipment operators, private contractors and city/town managers.

Tony has constructed a comprehensive approach to tackling the area’s winter weather challenges starting with off-season planning and organizing. The class also offers a full range of snow and ice control techniques, best practices, and the latest snow fighting strategies – all within the context of keeping Virginia’s roads and highways clear and safe.

Core topics include:

  • Importance of winter maintenance
  • Distinguishing between safe and unsafe snow operations practices
  • Strategic planning
  • De-icing and anti-icing materials and techniques – how and when to use them based on different road temperatures and conditions
  • Snow-fighting equipment – what’s being used, when to use it, and how to use it safely and effectively
  • Snow and ice control strategies and procedures – the proper treatment of surfaces under varied conditions
  • Distinguishing between safe and unsafe practices during snow operations.

New in 2018: Winter Weather Preparedness for Public Facilities

While the maintenance of wintry streets and highways is critical to the quality of life for all Virginians, the unique challenges of clearing and maintaining public facilities during winter weather should not be overlooked.

Once again, the VA LTAP and Tony DeCresie have partnered to create a new full-day class to help facilities managers and maintenance personnel provide safe public access to parking lots and sidewalks in winter conditions. Covering the core topics of our winter road maintenance and snow operations training, the class focuses on the special snow removal needs of schools, college campuses, hospitals, shopping centers, office complexes and other public facilities.

Please check our list of training locations and dates to find a workshop near you.

Instructor Tony DeCresie is a nationally recognized transportation training expert and certified safety manager specializing in heavy equipment operations and safety training.  Tony’s diverse and extensive background spans numerous industries and business in both public and private domains. Expertise includes CDL and highway roadwork site safety operations, heavy equipment operations, OSHA and DOT safety topics, freight brokerage, DOT compliance audits, fleet safety, excavation and trench safety, asphalt and paving operations, road and bridge maintenance, and public works operations safety.

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