Jim Zarling, a member of UVA TTA/VA LTAP, travels the TTA highway meeting with colleagues across the state, listening to their issues and helping to identify resources to address their needs.

Hey friends!

What a busy fall we’re having at VA LTAP!  I’ve been at training sessions all over the state, from Alexandria to Midlothian to Virginia Beach to Roanoke. You can see I’ve been traveling many highways!

Now’s a great time to think about professional development and training needs for your organization. To get you motivated, check out our new video about our winter classes.  We’re offering something for everyone!


The AutoCad Civil 3D classes offered in December are a terrific opportunity for students as well as engineering professionals. This is a software tool used for a wide range of engineering applications – students and others who work for VDOT or other engineering organizations will undoubtedly see and probably use the software sometime during their career. I encourage students to take the classes and position themselves for internships and resume-building.
Brian Smith, PhD, PE
Chair, Department of Engineering Systems and Environment


I had the chance to talk with Brian about AutoCad Civil 3D, one of our December classes. Featuring topics in hydrology and geotechnical, the classes are open to anyone in the transportation community who is interested in the practical application of the Civil 3D software. The cool thing is that class time will be used to practice analyzing data and developing design options related to actual field projects.

Brian Smith and Jim Zarling discuss AutoCAD Civil 3D

You can register for AutoCAD Civil 3D and all of our other training sessions at http://uva-tta.net/workshops/.

Thank you for making my time on Virginia roads productive and fun! Have a good fall everybody! Stay safe! Let me know if you’d like me to visit to talk about all the resources and training available to you through VA LTAP!

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