No matter what your topic or who your audience, all powerpoint (ppt) presentations share a common goal: to convey information in an interesting, engaging way so the audience understands and retains key messages. You have probably seen a bad ppt presentation – too many words, too many images, a presenter who simply ‘reads’ the slides – so what are the elements of a really terrific ppt presentation? And what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Join instructor, Walt Catlett, for this lively online class and discussion forum that will change the way you think about public speaking and workplace presentations. Over a 4-week period, you will have the chance to build a professional ppt presentation from the ground up, establishing a consistent visual theme using basic style rules (fonts, colors, images, design ideas). You will learn organizational tips to ensure your story develops in a logical, meaningful progression.  You will discover best-practices for developing memorable content as well as tips and tricks for delivering content in a personable, captivating style. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have created a powerful presentation with the basic skills to deliver it effectively.

Each week, a new module will be released, including a recorded lecture, quiz, discussion forum and homework assignment. You will have 7 days to review the lecture and complete the weekly assignments. The instructor will be available by email and phone for questions and comments during the class and will be interacting with students through the weekly discussion forum. The 4-week class will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete over the 4-week period.


Class modules include:

  1. Creating ppt presentations
  2. Organization of a ppt presentation
  3. Creating career changing ppts
  4. Effective techniques for delivering your new presentation

How should attend?

You may have extensive experience developing ppt presentations or you might be a novice. No matter your level of experience, this class will provide students with tips for creating presentations, improving style, content and delivery. Make sure your next presentation is as powerful and effective as possible.

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