Did you know up to 50 percent of major infrastructure projects experience schedule or cost impacts because of geotechnical issues?

Advanced geotechnical methods in exploration (A-GaME), June’s Every Day Counts round five (EDC-5) innovation of the month, is an expanded approach to site investigation that can reduce risk, optimize site characterization, enhance design reliability, and reduce geo-construction delays and cost escalations. A-GaME offers proven, but underused methodologies and practices that transportation agencies can adopt with confidence based on years of successful application.

Effective site characterization is critical for recognizing potential problems that may affect design and construction and for ensuring safe, well-performing, and cost-effective projects. Using A-GaME methods can dramatically reduce the data gap and provide better data to inform decisions.

The techniques recommended in A-GaME include: cone penetration testing, seismic and electrical methods, measurement while drilling, and using optical and acoustic televiewers. Using these methods can improve an agency’s knowledge of subsurface site conditions, providing time and cost savings through a well-scoped investigation.

We invite you to watch our spotlight video and orientation webinar to learn more about A-GaME and the techniques it recommends to improve subsurface exploration.

If you would like to learn more about these proven, innovative geotechnical methods, please contact Ben Rivers of the FHWA Resource Center or Silas Nichols of the FHWA Office of Infrastructure.

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