Transportation Infrastructure Funding Strategies

01/28/2020  |  Portsmouth, VA

The FHWA announced the availability of $60 million in grant funding for states and cities pursuing projects that involve transportation technologies to improve transportation efficiency. State departments of transportation, local government and transit agencies, and metropolitan planning organizations may apply for the $60 million in available funding.

FHWA Press Release, June 12, 2019
Advanced Transportation Technologies Grants

For those responsible for resourcing their agency’s transportation projects, it may feel like these funding notices are frequent, varied, and even overwhelming and confusing. These funding programs, whether federal, state or local, are intended to ensure adequate resources to maintain and improve safety and mobility for the travelling public. However, there is usually high competition among agencies for limited funding dollars. If lucky enough to secure funds, there may be highly stringent reporting guidelines, significant time constraints, matching requirements, and limitations of use.

How can a local agency possibly develop the skills and knowledge to identify available funding, understand eligibility and scoring criteria, and strategize to maximize success?

Join instructor Stephen Rowan for a series of workshops on transportation infrastructure funding strategies. Rowan has over 34 years in the highway transportation field, including many funding intensive areas such as asset management, emergency management, contract administration, and facilities management.

On January 28th, Rowan presents the first workshop in the series with an overview of various state and federal transportation funding programs and how to apply successful strategies for maximizing project funding.  This workshop explains eligibility requirements, describes the purpose of each program, and reviews application scoring criteria.  A comprehensive review of available funding sources and types includes:

  • Funding sources: state (VDOT, TPOF), federal (FHWA), regional (HRTPO, HRTAC), innovative financing (loans, credit, bonds), and local
  • Funding types: competitive grants, formula, discretionary, low interest government loans (TIFIA, VTIP)
  • VDOT funding programs: economic development access, airport access, recreational access, revenue sharing program, rural rustic roads program, primary extensions paving funds, state of good repair, and high-volume unpaved roads.

This training session will take place in Portsmouth, VA at Tidewater Community College.

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Transportation Infrastructure Funding Strategies

01/28/2020  |  Portsmouth, VA

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