The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is seeking information from State, local, and industry partners and the public on proven processes or technologies that have the potential to provide efficiencies in the planning, design, construction, operations, and/or maintenance of the nation’s highway system. Specifically, the FHWA is interested in innovations and processes that have the potential to transform the way the highway transportation community does business by shortening project delivery time, enhancing roadway safety, reducing traffic congestion, and integrating automation. The information submitted in response to this notice may assist FHWA identify proven, market-ready innovations for potential deployment in the next round of Every Day Counts (EDC) in 2021-2022.


EDC is a State- and Local-based model that identifies and rapidly deploys proven, yet underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce traffic congestion, and integrate automation. Proven innovations promoted through EDC facilitate greater efficiency at the State and local levels, saving time, money and resources that can be used to deliver more projects.

For EDC, FHWA works with State transportation departments, local governments, tribes, private industry and other stakeholders to identify a new collection of innovations to champion every two years that merit accelerated deployment.

After selecting EDC innovations, transportation leaders from across the country gather at regional summits to discuss and identify opportunities implementing the innovations that best fit the needs of their respective State transportation program. Following the summits, States finalize their selection of innovations, establish performance goals for the level of implementation and adoption over the upcoming two-year cycle, and begin to implement the innovations with the support and assistance of the technical teams established for each innovation.

The EDC program has made a significant positive impact in accelerating the deployment of innovations and in building a culture of innovation within the transportation community. Since the inception of EDC, each State has used 19 or more of the 52 innovations promoted through EDC, and some States have adopted more than 40. Many of these innovations have become mainstream practices across the country. By advancing 21st century solutions, the transportation community is making every day count to ensure our roads and bridges are built better, faster, and smarter.

EDC 1-5 Innovations

Information about the innovations promoted through EDC-1 through EDC-5 is available at

Invitation for Comment

There is no limit to the number of innovations that may be suggested by an individual or entity. The FHWA is seeking suggestions of broad categories of innovations not previously promoted by EDC-1 through EDC-5 and respondents should not submit suggestions for unique, proprietary, or patented products unless there are other similar commercially available products.

In addition, FHWA seeks feedback on user experiences with specific, high-value innovations under the “Innovations of Interest” and tentatively identified for accelerated deployment.

Requested Information

Responses for each suggested innovation or process should provide the following information:

  • Innovation or process category or name.
  • Organization Name, point(s) of contact, e-mail address, and telephone number. Contact information is optional. However, it would be useful if FHWA would like to obtain additional information.
  • Brief description of the proven innovation or process.
  • Brief description of how the innovation or process addresses the following areas:
  • National Impact: How will it benefit the transportation system nationally;
  • Game Changing: How is it transformative in saving time, money, or improving quality; and
  • Urgency and Scale: How will it shorten project delivery, enhance safety, reduce traffic congestion, integrate automation, or positively impact freight movement, construction techniques, contracting methods, maintenance, preservation, or emergency response? Example(s), including location and date, when the innovation was successfully applied in a transportation application and a description of the quantifiable performance benefits of the innovation in those applications.
  • List of any supporting specifications, guidelines, and/or procedures available to support technology transfer and national deployment of the innovation or process. Do not include the documents.
  • List of agencies or entities that are “champions” for or regularly use the innovation or process.


Responses should be submitted by January 21, 2020. For ease of submittal, this pdf form may be used. (This pdf form works best in Internet Explorer. If you are using other browsers: download the form, fill it out in Adobe Acrobat, and email it to

ADDRESSES: Submit responses by electronic mail to:

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Additional information about the EDC Program is available at For questions, contact Julie Zirlin FHWA Center for Accelerating Innovation at (202) 366-9105 or

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