Crowdsourced data can help agencies quickly identify the impact of demand changes on transportation system performance, and efficiently adapt traffic management systems to improve travel. In response to Covid-19 school, event, and food-service closures in Illinois, the Lake County Department of Transportation (LCDOT) analyzed their advanced traffic signal performance measure (ATSPM) demand data with their free crowdsourced corridor travel time data.
For example, before State mandates, travel time along State Route 21 North was 12-minutes or less for demand up to 1200 vehicles per hour. After State mandates, the evening peak demand (3 PM – 6 PM) decreased to 800 vehicles per hour, yet, travel time averaged above 13-minutes.
Before restrictions, evening peak demand travel time along Route 21 N was 12 minutes or less for up to 1200 vehicles per hour, while afterwards, demand decreased to 800 vehicles per hour while travel time averaged above 13 minutes.
LCDOT defined and implemented systemwide changes to all LCDOT owned traffic signals within two days of State Covid-19 mandates taking effect. The agency is coordinating with the Illinois DOT to modify the timing on State signals in their region and continuing to monitor evolving traffic demand and performance. For more information on the use of crowdsourced data to improve operations, please contact James Colyar or Paul Jodoin, the FHWA EDC-5 Crowdsourcing for Operations Co-Leads.

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