MUTCD with VA Supplement (1 Day Hybrid Online Class)
March 16, 2021
7:45am EST – 4:00pm EST

This hybrid online class will combine both live instruction and independent online work that you will complete during the day.  Independent work will include quizzes, readings, videos and short assignments.  Access to a computer with a webcam (either a camera that is built into your laptop or one that connects via USB), a reliable internet connection and a workspace that is free from distraction and noise will set you up for success.

This course will introduce students to the principles of traffic control devices and the fundamentals of evaluating the need for and the implications of decisions to install traffic control devices.  Students will gain an appreciation of how the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) can be used to support decisions concerning traffic control devices.  Traffic control devices are critical to ensuring the safe and efficient flow of people, traffic and goods on the surface transportation system.  The appropriate installation, maintenance and operation of traffic control devices are critical to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of these facilities.

All public agencies and owners of private roads open to public travel across the nation rely on the MUTCD to bring uniformity to the use of traffic control devices.  The MUTCD defines the minimum standards and provides guidance to ensure uniformity and consistency with how traffic control devices are designed, installed, maintained, operated, and managed on streets and highways open to public travel.  Decisions to design and install traffic control devices for specific applications should be based on an engineering study and use of engineering judgment.  This ability to evaluate the need for, design, install, maintain, and operate traffic control devices is foundational to sound traffic and transportation management.

States adopt the National MUTCD as their legal State standard for traffic control devices.  The FHWA released a comprehensive update to the MUTCD and adopted the 2009 Edition of the MUTCD on December 16, 2009.  The topics and material that will be covered in this course will be based on the 2009 MUTCD.  Participants will develop an appreciation for how to use the MUTCD; what are traffic control devices; signs; markings; highway traffic signals; and traffic control devices for special applications.

Learning Modules:

Module 1: What is MUTCD?

Module 2: Regulatory, Warning, and Guide Signs – What is the Difference?

Module 3: Understanding the Installation and Removal of Traffic Control Devices

Module 4: Virginia MUTCD

This course is intended for engineers, planners, technicians, and researchers from State, local agency, Metropolitan Planning Organization, consultants and contractors, and academic institutions who are responsible for planning, designing, implementing, operating, evaluation, or approving traffic control devices or highway improvement projects and other types of projects on the surface transportation system that include traffic control devic

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