FHWA is hosting a series of Value Capture Strategies webinars beginning in March, 2021.   The webinar series will detail the Value Capture techniques promoted in the Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts (EDC-5) initiative.  This year’s series focuses on the intersection of Innovative Finance and Innovative Project Delivery Tools.  These webinars will detail more Value Capture best practices collected from throughout the nation.  They will also highlight FHWA’s recently completed Value Capture Primer series of technical documents.

Value Capture is a set of powerful techniques that recover a portion of land value created by public infrastructure investments, and can:

  • Address funding gaps;
  • leverage and optimize Federal and State resources;
  • accelerate project delivery;
  • meet and improve system performance goals;
  • maintain transportation infrastructure assets in good repair; and,
  • save time and money.

The program features subject matter experts and peers who successfully utilized Value Capture in tandem with innovative finance and project delivery techniques to advance new and modernized infrastructure projects. Registration is free but is limited. Certificates of Completion and Confirmation of Attendance are available! Register now!


This webinar is intended for professionals from States, cities, counties, Tribes, and metropolitan and rural transportation agencies looking for innovative funding and financial strategies to pay for transportation projects.  This would include professionals involved with directing and managing aspects of highway-related programs and projects, such as planning, environment, project development, design, construction, operations, maintenance, and finance.


Since 2019, at least 33 cities have implemented Value Capture techniques to fund new street infrastructure capital, maintenance, and preservation projects that can accommodate growth, support successful economic development/redevelopment, and create jobs and economic growth.

For additional information, please contact:

Thay Bishop, FHWA Center Innovative Finance Support, 404-562-3695, thay.bishop@dot.gov

Stefan Natzke, FHWA National Systems and Economic Development, 202-366-5010, Stefan.Natzke@dot.gov

Resources: Available Now

  • Consult the Value Capture Implementation Manual for information applicable to all Value Capture strategies of roadway projects. See the FHWA’s Value Capture website for case studies, best practices, lessons learned, FAQs, and resources.
  • Watch a short video on how Value Capture optimizes agency resources.
  • Check back for much more, as new resources are under development

    We look forward to your participation and hope you find these webinars beneficial to your agencies and professional needs! If you have questions, please contact Thay Bishop at (404) 562-3695 or Thay.Bishop@dot.gov

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