Join us for VAA’s Balanced Mix Design Demonstration Workshop. Ben Bowers and Nathan Moore from Auburn University/NCAT will be leading the workshop with assistance from VAA’s David Lee and Mike Dudley. This workshop is being offered on two different days with an identical agenda each day.  This is designed to allow more people to attend while keeping each day’s overall group to a maximum of 40 people.

The workshop is tailored to aid Mix Designers in understanding the VDOT BMD specs, how the tests are run, what the results mean, and how to adjust mixes. Anticipated participants in this workshop are Asphalt Mix Designers, Asphalt Plant Level II Technicians, Materials Suppliers, Additive Suppliers, and Testing Firms.

As mentioned above, attendance is limited to 40 people each day, so register here to reserve your spot! Registration can also be completed with a physical form, available here.