Access to Legacy System Using a Mobile Application

Explore ways to connect a legacy system to the field using a mobile application. What are the connectivity requirements for using a mobile application in the field? What level of effort is required for implementation? Make the most of your resources and learn how other agencies select products and applications.

January 30, 2019
2:00-3:30pm ET
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Pavement Preservation: When/Where

This webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the results from an important FHWA
study on the topic of Pavement Preservation When/Where. Outcomes from this webinar that can be used by
practitioners who are interested in adopting preservation into strategic business practices include:
• Be able to quantify the effects of preservation on pavement performance, starting with the definition
and selection of the right performance measures and associated pavement condition metrics, triggers
and thresholds.
• Follow a four-step procedure to support the pavement preservation decision-making processes.
• Explore ways a Pavement Management System can be used to select pavement preservation
treatments as well as approaches for using pavement preservation to inform the asset management

March 20, 2019
2:00-3:30pm ET
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Using Geospatial Technology for Recording As-Built Conditions

How are some State departments of transportation expanding e-Construction applications to leverage geospatial tools? Learn how recording the location and condition of as-built assets helps to augment existing inventory data collection methods.

February 27, 2019
2:00-3:30pm ET
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