Don’t miss the chance to be fully prepared for winter weather! Sign up now for important winter maintenance training in your district. See class dates and location links below for more information.

Winter maintenance operations are critical to the economic well-being and quality of life for Virginians all over the state. Instructor Ed Stellfox invites road supervisors, superintendents, public works and maintenance personnel, equipment operators, and city/town managers to a full-day workshop covering all aspects of winter operations in Virginia. Find out the latest news about snowplow and salt spreader operations and methods of snow and ice control. Explore various de-icing materials and learn about snow maps. Discover the critical components for developing a strategic plan to prepare and organize for Virginia’s winter season.

The course covers a range of topics critical for anyone responsible for snow and ice removal including:

  • Importance of winter maintenance
  • Planning and organizing for winter operations
    • Comprehensive snow plans
    • Seasonal approaches
  • De-icing materials
  • Snow-fighting equipment
  • Snow and ice control strategies
  • Latest developments

In addition to these timely topics, the workshop includes designated time for idea exchanges, samples of best practices and group discussion.

We asked VDOT State Training Operations Manager, Robert Pettit, about workforce development and routine maintenance training. “It is important that winter maintenance personnel receive regular updates and training on equipment, techniques and emerging issues,” said Pettit. “This workshop offers opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and, importantly, encourages participants to share their experiences and learn from each other about best practices and lessons learned.”

Upcoming Winter Maintenance Operation Workshops:

 09/19/2017  |  Charlottesville, VA 

09/20/2017  |  Harrisonburg, VA

09/26/2017  |  Chester, VA

09/27/2017  |  Thornburg, VA

10/11/2017  |  Arlington, VA

11/01/2017  |  Roanoke, VA

11/29/2017  |  Lynchburg, VA