• February 2 – Asset Management
    Presented by NYSLTAP – CLRP Technical Assistance Engineer Geoff Scott, P.E.

    Highway and public works departments have the most expensive assets owned by municipalities. Managing those assets is key to dealing with today’s tight budgets. During this session Geoff will provide the basics of asset management and help you get started on a journey to developing capital and maintenance plans to keep your highway system in good shape.

  • February 9 – Controlling Potential Drainage Problems
    Presented by NYSLTAP – CLRP Director David Orr, P.E.

    The key to good roads is drainage. The key to good drainage is controlling potential drainage problems before they become serious. In this session, David will cover the most common drainage problems on highways and offer some simple solutions.

  • February 16 – Application Rates for Snow and Ice Chemicals
    Presented by NYSLTAP – CLRP Circuit Rider Jim Craw

    During the winter, we use salt and other chemicals to help with snow and ice control operations. We need to use the correct amount of chemicals to improve safety without creating an environmental hazard. During this webinar, Jim will provide basic information on setting application rates for your snow and ice control chemicals.

  • February 23 – Be Careful Out There: Keeping Everyone Safe in the Work Zone
    Presented by TBD

    Work zones are inherently a dangerous place because we have workers, vehicles and heavy equipment interacting in unexpected ways. Keeping everyone safe requires involvement of the entire crew to develop good traffic control plans. In this interactive session, David will help you develop traffic control plans for your work zones.
    Includes New York State specific information.

  • March 2 – Construction Management (intro to Longer Workshop)
    Presented by NYSLTAP – CLRP Director David Orr, P.E.

    Agencies that get federal aid are sometimes blindsided by the requirements in the federal process. There are certain critical steps needed to make a federal aid construction contract work. In this one hour webinar, David will give you some of the basics and help you understand and start on the journey to successful construction contract administration using federal dollars for your local projects.
    Includes New York State specific information.