The Value Capture webinar series features presenters who have successfully used Value Capture techniques, such as transportation impact fees, special assessments, tax increment finance, transportation utility fees, joint development, and capture value from existing assets, to fund previously unfunded infrastructure projects. Registration is free but is limited to 300 participants.

Below are the instructions for non-DOT attendees and Federal DOT staff and DOT-badged contractors:

Registration Process for Non-DOT Attendees

  1. Non-DOT users including State DOTs must request access to the FHWA External Portal for webinars
  2. Non-DOT users including State DOTs must login using their email address and password and to request access to the site.
    • Account issuance takes approximately one business day. Once non-DOT users receive their account information, they can access the site by clicking on the registration link and logging in.

Registration Process for Federal DOT Staff and DOT-badged Attendees

Federal DOT staff do not need to register for an account. However, please register for each and every webinar you, and others, anticipate attending. FHWA needs a head count for provide an adequate number of phone lines. You can register as individuals or as a group, as long as there is one phone line is used. Use the link provided that is unique and distinct for each session of the airings.

There is no cost to participate in these Webinars and they are open to everyone who is interested. Each Webinar will last 90 minutes with 60 minutes allocated for presentations and 30 minutes for audience Q&As. Through the use of Web conferencing technology, participants can view the speakers’ presentations on their computer and hear the audio portion of the presentations either via the computer or telephone, depending on preference.

We look forward to your participation and hope you find these webinars beneficial to your agencies and professional needs! If you have questions, please contact Thay Bishop at (404) 562-3695 or