This hybrid online class will combine both live instruction and independent online work that you will complete during the day.  Independent work will include quizzes, readings, videos and short assignments.  Access to a computer with a webcam (either a camera that is built into your laptop or one that connects via USB), a reliable internet connection and a workspace that is free from distraction and noise will set you up for success.

Attendees will learn how to select low cost countermeasures and compute crash reduction benefits to reduce road departures, and improve intersection safety in their locality or Planning District Commission (PDC) / Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) / Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) region. The course teaches tools and resources available through VDOT’s HSIP program, systemic safety analysis and project development as well as road departure and intersection safety trends and countermeasures.

This workshop should be of interest to those in a variety of fields including engineers and project managers, transportation and land use planners, law enforcement, agency directors, safety data collectors, managers, and analysts.


Module 1: HSIP Program Background, tools, and resources

  1. Safety Project Planning
  2. VDOT’s HSIP Resources / Tools for the Safety Practitioner
  3. Crash Reporting Crash Severity Nomenclature

Module 2: Systemic Safety Analysis and Project Development

  1. Crash Data – Virginia’s Localities and PDC / MPO Needs
  2. Case Study Franklin County, VA
  3. Systemic Project Development Steps

Module 3: Road Departure Trends & Countermeasures

  1. Selecting Roadway Departure Countermeasures
  2. Case Study Brooks Mill Road
  3. Project Cost Estimation

 Module 4: Intersection Trends & Countermeasures

  1. Intersection Safety
  2. Case Study Town of Vinton, VA
  3. Systemic Signage and Pavement Marking Improvements

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