FHWA’s Strategic Workforce Development’s goal is to identify, train and place individuals into highway construction careers. A playbook to build tomorrow’s highway construction workforce was developed by FHWA and includes eight plays that provide helpful tips and guiding principles to develop a Highway Construction Workforce Partnership (HCWP).

The “Focus on Fundamentals” play ensures that workers have basic job and life skills to succeed on a construction site. An important step for each HCWP is to perform a needs assessment to identify the skills that local construction firms require. After determining the skills that are needed, a HCWP can provide pre-apprenticeship training with industry-recognized credential that will add value to the workers when searching for a job.



To learn more about strategic workforce development, contact Karen Bobo, FHWA Center for Transportation Workforce Development or Joe Conway, FHWA Center for Local Aid Support, or visit FHWA’s EDC website.

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