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Crash Data, What Next?
10/21/2021  |  1 Day Hybrid Online Class
7:45 AM  – 4:00PM
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Attendees will learn how to access and use mapping resources to identify High Crash Locations in their locality or Planning District Commission (PDC) / Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) / Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) region. The course teaches methods to capture data in Microsoft excel from VDOT’s Crash Tool using filters for crash severity and road departure crash types. Steps to manipulate data and import crash attributes into Google maps closes out the day. The end product for a Virginia county case study demonstrates the value of this process for capital project and regional transportation planning purposes.

Who Should Attend:
This workshop should be of interest to those in a variety of fields including engineers and project managers, transportation and land use planners, law enforcement, agency directors, safety data collectors, managers, and analysts.

Learning Modules:

Module 1 – Getting Crash Data for Your Locality

  1. Mapping Resources for Virginia’s Crashes
  2. VDOT Crash Tool
  3. End Products / Case Study Example

Module 2 – Getting Crash Data for Your Locality

  1. Steps to Download Crash Data
  2. Let’s Talk about Crash Severities
  3. VDOT Crash Tool Filters for Road Departure Crash Types

Module 3 – Manipulating Downloaded Data for Importing into Google Maps

  1. Convert Downloaded Comma Separated Value (CSV) File to an Excel File
  2. Isolate road and lane departure crashes for our locality or region
  3. Map crash site locations by Latitude and Longitude into google maps (Geolocate)

Module 4 – Importing Crash Data into Google Maps

  1. Google CREATE MAP Steps
  2. Style Attributes: Crash Severity
  3. Street View, My Maps View, Attribute Interpretation

Registration Fees:
Local Government Agencies: $30.00
State: $30
Private Industry: $30.00

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