Approximately 50 personnel from Arlington County Water and Sewer stepped away from the field to sharpen their Plan Reading skills. Knowing the quantities on a project is a critical component of a set of roadway plans.  Team Arlington apply the knowledge just presented to determine quantities on a bridge replacement project.  The group exercise  generated a lot of discussion and energy.

Arlington personnel combined their field knowledge with classroom training to make quick work of the Group Exercise to design a Typical Roadway Section.  Everyone worked together to create the cornerstone of a set of roadway plans, drawing a typical section that included travel lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalk, pavement section and base section.  It was exciting to deliver training in person and seeing motivated learners grasp the new material.  They also utilized Work Zone Safety knowledge to layout out a Traffic Control Plan for a water line repair that required closing one lane of traffic.  Most personnel leaned on VDOT’s Basic Work Zone Safety training to get the wheels rolling as they began a full day of classroom training on “Plan Reading.”

In the last photo Hector and Hamilton with Arlington County Water and Sewer couldn’t fight the draw of taking front stage as they briefed their fellow learners on why their Roadway Typical Section set the standard for the classroom.  Using the Typical Section on the screen as their background, they confidently described the different elements of a Roadway typical section.

At the conclusion of practical exercises, each group provided commentary of what took place and how they reached their final product.  This typically caught the attention of the other groups, although some groups would continue adjusting their products until the last moment.  Everyone put forth solid effort either as a presenter, team member or active audience.

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