Workshop Spotlight

Human Behavior: Impacts and Strategies for Road Safety
11/09/2201  |  1 Day Hybrid Online Class
7:45 AM – 4:00 PM

This training identifies systems that drive human behavior and the impact on designing and implementing systems or programs. Road safety is a complex issue, and any efforts to improve safety must address not only the roadway but also road user behavior, vehicle design, interaction between road users, and the effect of the roadway on all road users. This course will identify the key principles of human behaviors and the importance in including education, safety messaging and awareness in road safety planning.

Who Should Attend: This class is designed for managers and workers alike. Engineers, managers, planners, and public health professionals will recognize the roles and responsibilities of various disciplines and approaches to improving road safety.

Learning Modules:

Module 1: The Human Factor of Behavior
Module 2: Culture, Behavior, and Road Safety
Module 3: Identifying Risky Behaviors
Module 4: Interventions to Reduce Driver Risk

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