Road Safety Assessments Online – Course

06/29/2022  |  1 Day Hybrid Online Class

Participants in this class will learn how to improve transportation safety by applying a proactive approach to reduce collisions. These techniques provide an examination of a roadway by an independent, qualified audit team. The RSA is a way for an agency to improve roadway safety, reduce injuries and fatalities, and to communicate to the public how they are working toward these goals. This course includes topics such as: RSA definition and history, how to conduct a RSA, and identifying the common safety issues found with RSA’s.  Participants will leave the workshop with a working knowledge on how to perform a road safety audit.

Pavement Basics Online – Course

06/30/2022  |  1 Day Hybrid Online Class

The most recent data provided by the American Driving Survey, shows Americans drove approximately 2.5 trillion miles in 2019, a 2.4 percent increase from 2018. To put this into perspective, a recent survey reveals most every adult in the United States regularly drives a car or some other type of vehicle, with 83% reporting they do so at least several times a week. This workshop covers pavement evaluation, asphalt mix materials, hot plant mix production and pavement construction methods, routing pavement maintenance techniques, and pothole patching.

ADA and the Public Right-of-Way – Overview and Preparing Transition Plans Online – Course

07/07/2022  |  1 Day Hybrid Online Class

With the 25-year anniversary of the passage of ADA, it is critical that local governments recognize their obligation to upgrade streets, sidewalks and facilities for accessibility. ADA requires that public agencies perform self-evaluations and prepare transition plans. They were to have been completed by July 26, 1992 and be updated periodically. The morning portion of the workshop examines the background to, contents of and enforcement of the self-evaluation and transition plan requirements. Several landmark court cases are also highlighted. A case study is presented to illustrate these items. Participants will leave the session with a “To Do” list of next steps they need to take and a toolkit of helpful resources. The afternoon session overviews the current criteria for accessible public rights-of-way including the pedestrian access route, curb ramps and detectable warnings, accessible pedestrian signals, street furniture, on-street parking and temporary traffic control requirements for pedestrians.

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