As part of the Every Day Counts round seven (EDC-7) virtual summit held in February 2023, the National STIC Network Showcase provided a platform for State Transportation Innovation Councils (STICs) to share more than 100 homegrown innovations developed and implemented in their States with a wider audience to expand their potential use and impact. The following are just a few of the homegrown innovations featured.

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Credit: FHWA

Low-Cost Flood Sensors

The Delaware DOT (DelDOT) has deployed low-cost flood sensors that can be used to evaluate roadway conditions and advise the public when water hazards are present. Integration of water data with roadway elevations allows DelDOT to alert motorists of flooding concerns quickly and accurately via electronic notifications. Due to the cost effectiveness of the equipment and data collected, DelDOT is looking to further enhance the monitoring network across the State.

Disaster Recovery Fiscal Playbook

The County Road Association (CRA) of Michigan developed a Disaster Fiscal Recovery Playbook to help Michigan’s county road agencies ensure they receive all available State and Federal funding sources for disaster recovery efforts. The playbook and accompanying videos provide recommended actions and templates for use before, during, and after natural disaster events.

BIM Execution Plan

To unlock the powerful digital data structures and visualization capabilities of Building Information Modeling (BIM), the California DOT (Caltrans) developed a BIM Execution Plan template to align its information modeling requirements and govern its information management. Caltrans’ template is based on the ISO 19650 standard and establishes a framework for applying a consistent approach to several different bridge types, while accelerating the agency’s understanding of BIM for bridges in pilot projects.

Signals and Lighting Training Facility

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) created a complete signals and lighting training facility on an agency parking lot. The onsite facility allows MoDOT to train lighting and signal workers in a safe environment where they can gain confidence and skills before working in live conditions. MoDOT saves money by recycling its own products for use during the training.


Visit the National STIC Network Showcase webpage to read more about these and other Homegrown Innovations.

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