Full Webinar Recording:

The following are the presentations from the Speakers of the Webinar:

Introductory Information – Emily Parkany, University of Virginia

Mobile Technologies Webinar Info F

Michigan Department of Transportation – Mark Chaput

MDOT – TRB Webinar July 1 F

UDOT’s Citizen Reporter App and Click ‘N Fix App – Lisa Miller

UDOT TRB webinar Miller F

Mobile Technology Changing the Business of Road Maintenance – Chris McCurry, South Carolina DOT

Mobile Tech Changing the Biz of Road Maint F

Use of Mobile Technologies in Attracting K12 to Transportation – Alice Grossman, Georgia Tech

Use of Mobile Tech in Attracting K-12 to Trans F

Mobile Technology in the Control Room – Jo Scott, Atkins

Mobile Technology in the Control Room final F

The following are the responses recorded from the Poll Questions:

Poll Questions TRB ABG20 Mobile Tech

The following is the transcript from the Webinar Chat Room:

Chat Transcript TRB ABG20 Mobile Tech