December 13, 2023


12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST

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One Hour Webinar


Topic: Balanced Mix Design for Asphalt Mixtures – What Does It Mean for Your Roads?

Over the past several years, VDOT has become increasingly interested in ways to improve asphalt mixture lifespan, as pavement surfaces are not meeting life span expectations. In addition, evolving technologies like additives and the desire to incorporate recycled or reclaimed materials into asphalt mixtures have highlighted the shortcomings of traditional volumetric asphalt mix design. Balanced Mix Design (BMD) is a methodology that incorporates performance evaluation into the design and acceptance of asphalt mixtures, an aspect that has been missing in current design and acceptance practices. The BMD methodology has been selected by VDOT for implementation as a means to improve mixture performance. VDOT is in the process of implementing a special provision for several dense-graded asphalt surface mixes (SM-9.5A, SM-9.5D, SM-12.5A, and SM-12.5D mixes) that incorporates the Balanced Mix Design (BMD) methodology. These mixes are commonly used on many non-interstate roadway surfaces and will eventually replace the current Superpave volumetrically designed mixes in the VDOT specification. Learn what BMD is, how the VDOT specifications are changing, and how these changes can benefit your roads.

Speaker: Stacey Diefender

Stacey Diefenderfer is Associate Principal Research Scientist at the Virginia Transportation Research Council. She specializes in asphalt mixtures including characterization, evaluation, performance and design. Special interests include balanced mix design, reclaimed asphalt pavement, and warm mix. She earned a PhD from Virginia Tech and is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia.


VTRC is one of the nation’s leading transportation research centers and specializes in basic and applied research to support VDOT, its primary customer.  It also provides technical consulting and training of future transportation professionals through its work with the University of Virginia and other Virginia universities.  VDOT recognizes research s one of its core businesses, a rarity for a state transportation department. This means VDOT will develop and deliver a robust transportation research program that results in saving lives, saving time, and saving money.

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