October 30, 2023


12:45 pm to 5:00 pm EST

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Location Online - Course

This hybrid online class will combine both live instruction and independent online work that you will complete during the day.  Independent work will include quizzes, readings, videos and short assignments.  Access to a computer with a webcam (either a camera that is built into your laptop or one that connects via USB), a reliable internet connection and a workspace that is free from distraction and noise will set you up for success. 


This workshop highlights the need for transportation, public health and law enforcement agencies to work together on the road to zero and developing strategies to achieve zero deaths on our roadways.   This workshop raises awareness about how law enforcement and public health are intertwined in transportation safety, and how their collaborative efforts will make our roadway safer.

Instructor Led On-line Training.  Road Safety Champion Program workshops combine both live sessions and independent online work that the student completes during the training time.  Independent work includes short assignments, which include videos, quizzes, and/or readings.  The live session allows the students to apply the knowledge they just learned during the independent online work time.  Access to a computer with a webcam and a reliable computer connection will set you up for success.  Come prepared to lean forward into the training, being an active participant.

The Road Safety Champion Program (RSCP) is a nationally recognized certificate program designed to build a knowledgeable, safety minded workforce, responsible for operating, maintaining, and designing local roads. Road Safety Champions prioritize safety and are motivated to implement safety improvements that reduce fatalities and serious injuries on rural and local roadways.

The program is separated into four career pathways: Maintenance & Construction, Planning & Engineering, Public Health, and Law Enforcement. For a Level 1 Certificate, participants will complete approximately 14 classes. All program participants will complete the seven core courses. They will also complete up to seven additional specialized courses based on their career pathway. When all requirements are met, participants will be awarded a Road Safety Champion Program Certificate.


Lesson 1 – Importance of Transportation Safety
Lesson 2 – Intersection of Disciplines in Transportation Safety
Lesson 3 – Collaborative Approach Strategies
Lesson 4 – Case Studies


Diann Wilson

Diann Wilson has had two years of experience as the State of Oklahoma Traffic Incident Management Coordinator. She is a Nationally Certified Master Trainer from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and a Certified National Instructor from the National Highway Institute (NHI). Diann has developed online curriculum for Virginia DOT, University of Virginia, Federal Highway Administration, and OKC MetroTech Technology Center. She also brings years of educating first responders on proper emergency response practices. She is the owner and consultant for Winning Strategies for 19 years. The services provided include grant writing, grant administration & management, fun raising consultant, and seminars and trainings. Diann served as a reserve deputy for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department, as a Butner School Board Member for 10 years, and was a speaker for Victim’s Impact Panel for 22 years.

Overall, Diann is an experienced educator who combines hands on experience with effective research practices that produces an effective adult learning environment. One of her most proud accomplishments is being a mother of six children, grandmother to 22 grandchildren, and a great-grandmother to five great-grandchildren.

Registration and Payment

The following registration fees cover the session, all course materials and meals:

Road Safety Champion: No charge
Local Government: $15.00
State/Federal: $15.00
Private Industry: $15.00
Tribes: No charge

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