Requirements for Private Classes

  • TTA requires the Point of Contact (POC) for your organization to register each person attending the private class into the TTA Online Registration System through a link that TTA will provide upon confirmation that the class will be taking place.
  • All participants will need to be registered three weeks prior to the class date so that workbooks and materials can be ordered in advance.
  • Since TTA provides lunch as part of the contract, the POC will also need to provide us with any dietary restrictions for each person attending.  

Training Room Setup

  • Each room should be furnished to accommodate 25-30 students, an instructor and one facilitator. The group hiring Transportation Training Academy is responsible for carrying out any special physical room arrangement necessary to fit the class attendees comfortably. Furniture and equipment, including tables, chairs, projector screen, projector and proper cords, easel, etc… need to be setup prior to the instructor’s arrival to the class. It is the responsibility of the requestor to provide personnel to arrange the return of the room to its previous configuration and condition following the session.
  • Our instructors recommend the tables be set up in such a way to give each person attending the class room for the materials that generally come with the workshops, which will include, at times, large three-ring binders, workbooks, supplementary handouts and small booklets. Most instructors and our facilitators agree that two to three people per table works best. (See images below for recommended table setup.). A table will also need to be provided for the instructor at the front of the room, and for the facilitator at the back of the room, preferably near the entrance.
  • In order to keep to the class schedule/agenda, classrooms will need to be accessible by  7:00 a.m. so the instructor may complete setup prior to the scheduled start time.
  • The classes should be held in a quiet location with minimal foot traffic to avoid distractions.
  • Since TTA provides catered lunches to all of their workshops, a staging area for food set up is necessary; typically 1-2 tables either located outside of the classroom or in the back of the classroom.
  • 1-2 large-sized trashcans or garbage bags will need to be available.


  • Nearby parking for instructor and facilitator
  • Internet Access for the Facilitator during the day
  • Maintain a moderate room temperature

We look forward to meeting your transportation training needs.

Transportation Training Academy

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