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This course provides state, and local inspectors with practical knowledge and standard industry practices for inspecting road-related construction tasks at project sites. This course covers the proper installation of pipe materials, as well as how to monitor earthwork, concrete, and asphalt placement, including calculation of quantities for payment and documentation of workmanship.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Explain the inspector’s role, duties, and responsibilities
• State the qualifications and limitations of an inspector
• Use proper communication and coordination with the engineer and contractor
• Recognize key inspection elements of the contract documents
• Perform basic calculations of common areas and volumes
• Perform rates of application, and slope-related calculations
• Understand the classification of soils and aggregates
• Identify the different classes of bedding
• Understand the key elements of a pile installation process
• Identify the different kinds of pipe
• Understand the difference between Rigid, Flexible and Composite Pavements
• Learn about the different kinds of Asphalt Pavements
• Learn about the different types of Concrete Pavements
• Identify important areas to monitor
• Understand the Accept/Reject Criteria
• Identify some of the key evaluation points to look for on the job site
• See the general construction process/procedures related to roadway projects



Module 1. The proper role of Inspection and its legal risks and limitations
Module 2. Determining quantities (areas, volumes, slopes, rate of application)
Module3. Soils, Earthwork and Pipe Installation
Module 4. Asphalt and Concrete Placement


Lorenzo Casanova

Lorenzo Casanova, P.E.

He worked for 21 years for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) during which time he served for over twelve years as Pavement, Materials and Technology Transfer Engineer. He also served as the Local Programs Coordinator and Asset Management Program Manager.

Early in his career he got involved in Construction Inspection and Contract Administration. Later in his career, he became interested in Statistical Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and Project Monitoring and Project Management. In addition, he has extensive practical experience in engineering and economic analysis; and has held different positions in the public and private sectors, as well as in academia.

Mr. Casanova has taught courses in Statics, Strength of Materials, and Physics at two community colleges. With a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, he is a registered P.E. in Florida and Delaware and earned his Masters of Engineering degree from the University of Florida where he taught senior level courses in Pavement Design.

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this course includes those who inspect the placement of asphalt or concrete, as well as pipe lines, within the right-of-way of public roads. State, local, and consultants who want to attain a basic level of understanding about road construction will be given the basic tools to determine proper procedures for good workmanship and proper field documentation. Attendees should have a basic knowledge in reading construction plans as well as construction math

Registration and Payment

The following registration fees cover the session, all course materials and meals:

Local Government: $85.00
State/Federal: $140.00
Private Industry: $325.00

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