2023 Winter Maintenance Operation Training Now Open for Registration!

Winter Road Maintenance operations are critical to the economic well-being and quality of life for Virginians all over the state. Instructor Tony DeCresie invites road supervisors, superintendents, public works and maintenance personnel, equipment operators, and city/town managers to a full-day workshop covering all aspects of winter road maintenance operations in Virginia.

This newly updated course covers a wide range of topics critical for anyone responsible for winter road maintenance and snow operations including, In addition to individual and group exercises and discussions, each attendee will receive valuable handouts and reference materials they can take home with them for future reference.

Who Should Attend: Municipal officials, road commissioners, supervisors, and superintendents; public works and maintenance personnel; equipment operators; and county, city and/or town managers.

Learning Modules:

Module 1: VDOT Best Practices: Snow Fighting Strategies, Techniques and Procedures
Module 2: Off-Season Planning, Preparation & Maintenance
Module 3: Snow Equipment
Module 4: Winter Maintenance and Snow Operations Safety

Training Dates and Registration:

September 21, 2023 (Register)
October 3, 2023 (Register)
October18,2023 (Register)
November14,2023 (Register)